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Arrival Departure Assistance

Handling of Guest on Arrival

Our staff always wear the prescribed dress while meeting the our guests whether on arrival or departure or any other time and very careful about personnel grooming .On arrival the Namaste greeting done with folded hands with appropriate bend of the back forward hand welcome to Jaipur and introduce ourselves using easily pronounced name. After Namaste if our guests may still wants to shake hands we proper shake hand holding hand in a mild warm grip, palm to palm. On arrival we ask about journey was comfortable .Enquire about the numbers of baggage and check baggage and while escorting guests towards our vehicles we help with the hand baggage and take in our hands.

Before boarding coach or car we do garlanding and again welcome the guests and open the door of the car. Before leaving the for hotel we ensure all baggage is in the vehicle and inform guests about the numbers baggage that is in trunk or dickey and in the coach or car we introduce again our self and inform guests about the time it will take you to reach the hotel and during the course of the journey point out any landmarks that come across. We advice about the special briefing about today’s programme and timing for sight seeing and departures.

We brief about you would encounter baggage near temples, mosque stations; places where tourist visits some baggage are a bit aggressive in demanding alms. It is best to avoid them. Also avoid hawkers & small time peddlers of cheap articles. If you want to buy something, it is best to avoid them because they approach you one after the other .If you feel like buying something it is best done in the comfort of your vehicle where your driver and guide can bargain for you and keep the other hawkers at bay. Should you any time require any clarification or assistance you can contact us at our office or at home at any time. And also advise about the temperature and weather conditions that could prevail in the area of their visit in the next day.

On arrival at the hotel we get down first and open the door of car and escort the guest to the lobby, and collect individual passports for check in at the hotel or passport list from tour leader and assistance in filling in the details for them after they sign the registration form collect the passport form the guests and fill in the details for them. We check their birthday during the tour while going through their passports or passport list and inform the file handling staff for further action. When room numbers are allotted and the room keys handed over by the hotel counter staff we ensure that guest’s baggage gets the proper room tags and that send over to the room immediately. In case of group we would be carrying the rooming list and before allotting the rooms we check with group members or tour leaders for adjacent rooms requirements, rooms on same floor, have the rooms allotted quickly as per the rooming list. We always try and get best possible rooms or suite for our guests and request always hotel to provide all vvip amenities on comp basis to our guests. Before guests or tour leader proceed to their room and while handing over room key we inform the name of the restaurant available in the hotel with timings and remind them of the sight seeing timing and departure timings we take departure flight or train details and collect all tickets for reconfirmation . Certain fit and groups do not have sight seeing included in their tour in such cases we may be politely asked if the would like to take some sight seeing tours any additional optional tours.

We tell details of tours and offered the cost. If going for sight seeing in temples and mosque the desirability of wearing of long dressed reminds them to carry their caps and shoe covers. After transfer or arrival done meet the supervisor and inform about the arrival and in case of any special message or requirements form the guest or in case of any problems in tour programme convey to duty officers. Before going for departure transfer first we check the any special message to handover to the guest received form head office or any office. On departure transfer for airport or train station we check 2 hours before pick up time departure of flight / train form station or airport office or record locator.

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