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Boutique or Classic & Heritage Hotels

For decades, if not centuries, the Rajput fortress, the defensive castle,the composite haveli was the abode of nobility- where hospitality was a way of life. Their large castles and mansions lay almost abandoned or unattended till a few enterprising pioneers realised that perhaps the only way to maintain these historic homes was their appropriate reuse. The large Palaces of the Maharajas set the trend by becoming five star hotels. As Heritage Hotels The term ‘Heritage hotels’ relates to the numerous old palaces, forts, havelis and hunting lodges private retreats ancestral homes and tented camps which have been recently restored and converted into hotels particularly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Many of these fabulous and evocative buildings are still managed by the former princely families who treat visitors like guests. To stay in a heritage hotel is always a real highlight but it is worth bearing in mind that due to their age, some of these buildings may have quirky architecture, erratic plumbing, open balconies, steep open staircases, low doorways or unguarded drops. All generally owner managed that are the epitome of hospitality, style and personality, each unique and original in it's form and ways, hard to find and hard to leave. Locations are varied. In the very small heritage hotels, meals will normally be taken with the family with conversation in English, which can be a wonderful and enriching experience for some but for others an intrusion of their holiday. Overall however we feel that the heritage hotels have a unique charm and romantic atmosphere and the individual attention and personalisation; the very meals, for example that were cooked for generations are still served at your table. Families in residence for centuries now welcome you to their homes as guests. Typically characterful hotels with less than 15-20 rooms, India’s boutique hotels include imposing Fort & Palaces, luxury camps, colonial properties and beachside residences. All offer attentive service, stunning architecture, style & design, and delicious food.

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