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Guests can watch mahout (elephant handler) how they give bath, food to elephant and do decoration on elephants, visit will be around 30 minuets at 0700 hours before going to Amber Fort. They can meet the elephant handler.



Kindly note that the India's first and the world's third elephant village The ambitious of haathi gram (elephant village) was of the project is to shift 51 families of elephant owners and mahouts to the village located at Kunda near Amber. The idea is to accommodate all the elephants and their caretakers at one place. Besides, the tourists would be provided an opportunity to see the elephant activities together in a cluster.

Three years after the concept of an exclusive retreat for the elephants and their mahouts was mooted, the Hathi Gaon' (Elephant Village) finally seems to be witnessing some action. However, the project was slated for completion by the mid of 2010. The Amber Development & Management Authority (ADMA) has asked the mahouts' to fill the requisite application, to further the process of transfer of elephants to their natural habitat. While the sheds for 51 tuskers are ready, and the boundary wall and the pond have been constructed, the trees, which were planted last year, over an area of 30.05 hectares have failed to survive.

India's first and the world's third elephant village .The estimated Rs 50 million projects, over an area of 30.05 hectares with a fancy boundary wall and concrete structures is ready, the elephant housing is still awaiting electricity and water connection.When completed, the project had envisaged basic comforts for the pachyderms, besides creating several attractions for tourists and will provide a natural park-like shelter for elephants with extensive plantation, a well-equipped veterinary hospital and proper sewerage facilities. A museum, "shilpgram" and a cafeteria were also planned for visitors, who could opt to view the elephants from the "machans" (tree huts) .

Under the project, the tourism department will provide shelter to about 100 elephants in the first phase, while 60 more dwellings will be built in the next phase. So far, the village has a single water body, with a little water collected through rainwater harvesting. A few trees were planted in the courtyards but all that stands today is bare stumps of trees.

Elephant Safari at Amer to Naila or Kanota or Kukas village :

Amer -Naila (18 KM) - Kanota ( 12 KM )-- Amer- nai nath temple - Jajolai village school - and pond -rambagh road- cattle trading centre open only on Saturday- on ramgarh mod e on naila road (9 km from naila) langiyawas village - passthrough dry river - shiva templ can see - dhani at agriculture field - ramyanwas right for naila bagh - naila village 0 see the fatehgarh naila- magnificent building was constracted in 1875 thakur of naila - prime minister of jaipur state. See the village and rural health centre - kanota dam and kcountry villa - galta road- Sisodia rani ka garden -Jaipur .

NAILA EXCURSION: Naila is 15 kms from Jaipur. It is a small replica of Jaipur with similar gate names like Chand Pol and Suraj Pol, a Chandra Mahal like in the Jaipur City Palace and also broad streets with squares. The village is rich in culture and handicrafts. Naila is well known since President Clinton's visit on 23 March 2000. He visited the ladies co-operative and the Rural Health Centre at Fatehgarh Naila. magnificent building was constracted in 1875 by Thakur of Naila - Prime Minister of Jaipur state.

An elephant ride to the top of this fort is one of the most popular activities in Jaipur .This is the chance to ride an elephant up to the Amber Fort like the royalty of Rajasthan once did. In Amber fort about 100 elephants were used to ride to the historic fort.Mount the animal from a raised platform and sit comfortably in a specially designed, secure seat as the majestic animal winds its way up the ramparts of the fort.The elephant is a gentle creature and the mahout (a person who drives the elephant) uses an ankush (a sharp hook used to guide a tamed elephant by prodding it on the back of its head) to guide the animal up the ramparts. The animals look beautiful as the mahouts decorate them, especially the trunk, with floral and geometric patterns using coloured chalk and powders.Once guests reach the top, will enter the Fort through the grand Singh Pol (Lion Gate) gateway and continue to Jaleb Chowk, the courtyard where you will disembark from the pachyderm

With the summer regulations for the use of elephants coming into force, limiting the number of rides and timing, according to the summer regulations an elephant could be used for either 03 Rides or till 10.30 am,whichever is early TILL 30 April 2010 and from 01 May to 15 July 2010 will be only 02 Rounds. The timings will be as follows - Morning Timing 0700 1030 Hrs & Evening 1530 to 1730 Hrs

This was decided after elaborate discussions with various government departments as using the elephants in the scorching sun is harmful to the health of the jumbos. Please note there is a maximum of two passengers allowed on an elephant at one time. Elephant ride is not permitted downhill. Furthermore, the elephant ride is subject to availability. The elephant ride service will be provided on a first come, first served basis.It has been happening very often that despite spending hours in queue for elephant ride tourists are deprived of same as the official allotted number of rotation per elephant gets exhausted. The elephant ride at amer fort cannot be guaranteed due to this fact. We requests & suggests you that please inform all the guests with option Elephant Ride failing Jeep Ride to avoid any unpleasant situation with guests and also any legal compensation of failure to provide committed services etc. Kindly note that elephant ride cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances.

Kindly note that during the Navratra Festival Elephant ride at Amber fort may be stopped or will partially be available due to Heavy rush of devotees visiting at Shila Mata Temple at Amber Palace. Please also note that during this periods ride will be available till Jaigarh mod( Half way )otherwise normal day ride is available till Jaleb Chowk, the Courtyard where you will disembark from the pachyderm.Please note the dates of Winter Navratra .

08 Oct 2010: Not available

09 Oct 2010: May be Available

10 Oct 2010: Not Available

11 Oct 2010: May be Available

12 Oct 2010: May be Available

13 Oct 2010: May be Not available

14 Oct 2010: May be Available

15 Oct 2010: Not Available

16 Oct 2010: Not Available

EID FESTIVAL ( Depends on Moon) 11 September 2010 - Not available + 17 November 2010 - Not available


We Can also arrange turbans tying at Amber fort for the gentlemen & scarf for ladies.


Dera Amer situated behind the hills of the famous Amer Fort is the ideal location for outdoor recreational and adventure activities in very close proximity to the city of Jaipur. The Camp is located at the foothills of the Aravali Range and surrounded by the wilderness of a reserved forest with no urban civilization in the vicinity, just a few hamlets housing the local villagers occupied by farming on the their fields bordering a pretty lake. A local Rajput family who themselves reside in the area organize elephant, horse and camel safaris in the jungle using their beautiful home and camp as base as well as getting the guests to interact with the local farmers in the village. The camp also provides meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner or just high tea of excellent quality and variety in a presonalised environment and is fully equipped to cater to any number of people efficiently, while the elaborate bar serves the most exotic cocktails in a rustic yet luxurious atmosphere.

The elephant safaris are conducted in the original Aravali forests surrounding the camp and follow a route through villages, agricultural fields, hills and ancient monuments, the birdlife in the thick forests is thriving and panthers inhabit the jungles, it is very rare to see them as they are nocturnal animals. However the hyena and the wolf have been sighted by guest occasionally. Antelopes, jackals are in abundance. The night safaris are extremely popular.

Elephant Safari at Dera Amer at Kukas Jaipur :

India is the original homeland of the Asiatic elephant. Jaipur has a long & colorful association with elephants. Huge mountain like male elephant chosen for their size and beauty of trunk, tusks tail and ears, were procured for the exclusive use of the maharaja in royal processions the maharaja sat on a gold and silver howda placed on the back of the most favourite elephant. No festivals, no formal occasion, no religious ritual, no wedding would be complete without a row of gaily decorated, well caparisoned elephants.

Elephant safari can be arranged on the outskirts of Jaipur, where desert and forest alternate in a contrasting landscape. The beautifully decorated elephant awaits you with wooden howda. Over them the Mahouts (handler) wear red turban and white cotton suite. They are very experienced driver. Each elephant carries two persons.

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