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Featured Hotels

Classic & Boutique & Heritage Hotels:

The term 'Heritage hotels' relates to the numerous old palaces, forts, havelis and hunting lodges private retreats - ancestral homes and tented camps which have been recently restored and converted into hotels particularly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Many of these fabulous and evocative buildings are still managed by the former princely families who treat visitors like guests. To stay in a heritage hotel is always a real highlight but it is worth bearing in mind that due to their age, some of these buildings may have quirky architecture, erratic plumbing, open balconies, steep open staircases, low doorways or unguarded drops. All generally owner managed that are the epitome of hospitality, style and personality, each unique and original in its form and ways, hard to find and hard to leave. Locations are varied. In the very small heritage hotels, meals will normally be taken with the family with conversation in English, which can be a wonderful and enriching experience for some but for others an intrusion of their holiday. Overall however we feel that the heritage hotels have a unique charm and romantic atmosphere which more than outweighs any defects.


Kindly note that Mirvana Nature Resort is located in Sodakore, which happens to be 55 Km ahead of Pokhran and 55 Km before Jaisalmer, on the Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Highway. The resort is situated about 2 Km from the highway amidst the serene environment of R.G.and offer village safaris where guests can interact with the vibrant village community and Camel safaris through the dunes with a picnic lunch. Moreover, being a nature resort, Mirvana offers Organic food, farm fresh dairy and poultry products. Guests can also enjoy medicinal herbs in our healing garden and take a walk around our signature Amla Orchid. Besides Sodakore is a destination for several domestic bird species during the winter season. It is a classic habitat for the Great Indian Bustards, which are an endangered species. Some major fauna present are the Desert Fox, Desert Cat, antelope species, like the Chinkara and Blue Bull. They have Tents Accommodation and A/C COTTAGES with nice pool and very good restaurant. We should includes in our itinerary for one night stay or for enroute lunches.Photogrphs are in attachments .

The Serai:

The Serai is located 45 minutes before Jaisalmer, just off the main Jodhpur to Jaisalmer road in desert scrub, a drive away from the closest decent sand dune. Its 21 tents (7 with private plunge pool/jacuzzis) are gorgeous - all fittings and furnishings offer great comfort and style. The showers are fabulous and the beds deep and comforting. There is little natural light in the bedrooms, as expected with a tent, but the height of the tent makes up for this and the heaters do a good job on cold desert nights

The base category tents are a great option - especially as they are closer to the main building. And the requirement for a cold plunge pool/jacuzzi is a luxury that is less desired in the typical months one would visit Jaisalmer (October to March).No TV, mini bar or safe (but an offer of leaving valuables in the main safe).Spa treatments are good - though the menu is limited. The pool area is great (but the pool is very cold) and is the best location from where to watch the sunset. Sitting around the camp fire before dinner is a treat and silence of the desert at night is priceless - especially with the blanket of stars over-head.The service for the tents maybe an issue for some - a decision was made not to put telephones in the tents but buzzers instead (labeled 'housekeeping', 'butler' and 'security') and the response times are pretty good (though higher occupancy may effect this). However for those tents that lie further from the main building (and the ones further are the higher category tents) the service time can be longer (especially after the chap has walked to and from the tent to first take the order) which may frustrate

Rohet Garh, Rohet :

With a great sense of pride and pleasure I introduce Rohet Garh - our ancestral home since 1622 AD. Bestowed upon the first amongst our kin Thakur Dalpat Singh I for his exemplary courage and bravery in numerous military campaigns under the banner of the Rathores, Rohet became one of the most important Jagirs (fiefdoms) of the state of Marwar.

Generations of noblemen have graced and cherished this home that over time has come to be revered. It has been a silent witness to the progress of our family for four centuries. It has stood by us steadfast through the highs and the lows; it has protected us and given us shelter. Above all it has given us our identity. In January 1990 we opened its gates to receive the discerning traveler. To share with him our heritage, and give him a glimpse of our land with its brilliant colours, where culture and tradition are deep-rooted and vibrant & its people - so deeply civilized! Today Rohet Garh is a leading Heritage Hotel, where the experience goes far beyond the high walls of the Garh (Fort). It is home first and Hotel after. And you - our honoured guests

Karohi Haveli Udaipur:

The Karohi haveli was built in 1820 A.D. as residence of Karohi noble family and recently converted into a heritage hotel to offer royal hospitality and the experience of the Haveli lifestyle. It is run by the Karohi family and benefits both from an excellent location on Lake Pichola and friendly service. The specialty of the Haveli is its traditional Rajasthani architecture and the huge area covered by it. It has lush green lawns which are huge and beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Each room has a wonderful view of the lake and a terrace with beautiful panoramic views of the City Palace, Lake Pichola, Havelies, Temples the Old City and also Lake Swaroop Sagar. You can request a boat ride on the lake or cultural performances with a little advance notice. This Haveli is well designed and located on the top of a hill which is very peaceful & pollution free. It fronts onto Lake Pichola near the Hanuman Ghat and is directly opposite the magnificent shoreline of City Palace, Lal Ghat and the old city. It is comfortable, clean and elegant. It is conveniently located for shopping and restaurants as well as internet access shops etc, yet is tucked away around a corner which gives a feeling of tranquility! Although the rooms have been modernized they still keep traditional features that characterize Rajasthan.

Roop Vilas Palace Nawalgarh :

is a Heritage Hotel spread over 20 acres of greenery situated in Nawalgarh in Shekhavati Region (Rajasthan - INDIA) at a distance of 1 km from the Bus Stand and 54 kms from the railway station.The Heritage hotel is managed by the Royal family giving guests a taste of Royal Hospitality and heritage

Charm . Shekhawati district is now famous for its frescoed Havelis and gets visitors from all over the world to marvel "Museums" spread across the region.Nawalgarh is the best point to access the entire region either on a horseback on by Jeep. Shekhawati is popular with guests for Horse Safaris it offers. Guests can also enjoy Jeep Safaris, Village Visits etc. Colourful Shekhawati villages provide an excellent photography opportunity for capturing sights and sounds of Rajasthan.

Accommodation: The Roop Vilas Palace Hotel has 15 suits/ Deluxe Rooms, 6 Standard rooms and 03 luxury AC tents. Each room is decorated with old heritage style, frescos and stone paintings on the walls. Every room has a traditional Jharokha with the coloured glass windows. All bedrooms are looking out over the 20 acre landscape comprising agriculture farm and a rural setup in the surrounding.

Roop Vilas Palace Nawalgarh, Shekhawati, Jhunjhunu Dist.


Fateh Garh, perched on a hill forgotten within the very heart of Udaipur is yet blissfully away from the familiar drone that one travels to make distance from; what today many would call serendipity of sorts! Delivered from the Urdu word from victory 'Fateh', and 'Garh' or fortress in Sanskrit, Fateh Garh is really an invitation to penetrate our gross exterior selves and explore the much hiding recesses of our interior being, considered 'true victory' in Eastern thought. This interplay of the male and female aspects is found more obviously in the spaces referred to as the Mardana Mahal, bold and exhibitionist - traditionally, the palace of the gentry; and the Zanana Mahal, intimate and delicate - traditionally, the palace of ladies. On advancing to the wondrous inverted palace, which is really a mirror images of the Mardana & Zanana Mahal, we realize a harmonious intermingling of the yin and yang energies that gives the interplay a whole new dimension

The Pushkar Bagh:

The Pushkar Bagh the entire bagh is carved out of the famous pink sandstone of Jodhpur it exquisitely captures the romance and grace of a bygone era. The Pushkar Bagh courtyards are peaceful. They have 21 cottages & 08 Lux tents 10 Swiss tents. Each cottage & tent at the Pushkar Bagh consists of an outer verandah (5m x 3m) with deck chairs, table and electric lantern where one can relax sipping morning or evening tea. They have nice swimming pool.

DEVIGARH, Udaipur:

Devi Garh just outside Udaipur in Rajasthan is a spectacular palace hotel and is one of India Beat's favorite places to stay. Until the 15th of October they are offering a special deal for India Beat guests: pay for 2 nights stay for 3. Devi Garh's location just 40 minutes from Udaipur's Lake Pichola is a perfect place to stay if you are looking to relax for a few days after your holiday around Rajasthan. We stayed there in April and had the most wonderful time walking in the countryside and taking full advantage of the gorgeous pool and spa. Due to the nature of our business, we are in a position to negotiate significant discounts with the various hotels,which are among the cheapest offered in the country. Our room at the top of the palace had a stunning marble 4 poster bed and unbelivable views over the lush green valley. We took a day trip to go shopping in Udaipur's markets and had lunch at the City Palace overlooking the Lake Palace. On the way back to Devi Garh we stopped at the incredible temples at Eklingji for the evening service, an experience not to be missed.


Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur, is a heritage property situated in the Pink city of Jaipur, also the gateway to the historic north-western frontier province popularly know as Rajasthan. Since this was the province which was the only entry to the rest of the sub-continent, all the invaders and plunderers had to pass through the same, hence, the historic background with fortified battlements and lots of chivalry and history. Like in other civilizations, this north-western frontier state has had its share of fragmentation and had lots of small kingdoms and smaller units known as "Thikanas". The administration was conducted by the head known as "Thakur Saheb". To ensure the smooth running of his "Thikana", the Thakur came to Jaipur to pay his allegiance and to interact with the Maharaja on various subjects such as finance, defense, budget, taxes etc.The Town Houses came into existence during or about the time Jaipur was built i.e. 1727 AD and one such dwelling of The Thakur of Diggi is Hotel Diggi Palace. "Diggi House" now called Hotel Diggi Palace has been the city seat of the Thakurs of the Diggi Thikana. Ancient principality of Diggi is located 75 Kms. from Jaipur towards the south-westerly direction. Originally a bagh (Garden Retreat situated just outside the walled city of Jaipur), for the family, the house and its surrounding environs, with the lush green gardens were used for holding the darbar whenever the thakur was here to preside over the administration of "Diggi Thikana". The main building and its surrounding bagh as well as the fountain was constructed by Thakur Sahib Pratap Singh Ji of Diggi.

Leopards Lair Bera - 10 Rooms FIT Mount Abu- Ranakapur Road :

A Resort is defined as a small property, usually a home with 6 guest rooms, and the owner living on the premisis. If may also have small cottages in addition to the main house. It is the owner who will welcome you personally and prepare your morning breakfast. A resort is fun and a different place to stay; it's a home away from the maddening hustle and bustle of one's daily life. Your lodging experience will be more personalized with the host sharing the common areas of their home and information about the local area you might not get in a hotel. A resort provides all meals usually incorporated with the room price.All of the rooms have a romantic aura about them. We have three beautifully designed cottages, all air-conditioned, and four delux rooms in the main house a total of six double rooms and one single room. The Leopards Lairs arrangers for morning and evening safari's around the picturesque village of Bera, wild life like Blue Bull, Hyena, foxes an occasional wild pig, crocodiles, plenty of seasonal migratory birds and the Main Attraction having a look at the Leopard in the wild.

Khem Villas ,Ranthambhore :

The Karohi haveli was built in 1820 A.D. as residence of Karohi noble family and recently converted into a heritage hotel to offer royal hospitality and the experience of the Haveli lifestyle. It is run by the Karohi family and benefits both from an excellent location on Lake Pichola and friendly service. The specialty of the Haveli is its traditional Rajasthani architecture and the huge area covered by it. It has lush green lawns which are huge and beautiful and offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Each room has a wonderful view of the lake and a terrace with beautiful panoramic views of the City Palace, Lake Pichola, Havelies, Temples the Old City and also Lake Swaroop Sagar. You can request a boat ride on the lake or cultural performances with a little advance notice. This Haveli is well designed and located on the top of a hill which is very peaceful & pollution free. It fronts onto Lake Pichola near the Hanuman Ghat and is directly opposite the magnificent shoreline of City Palace, Lal Ghat and the old city. It is comfortable, clean and elegant. It is conveniently located for shopping and restaurants as well as internet access shops etc, yet is tucked away around a corner which gives a feeling of tranquility! Although the rooms have been modernized they still keep traditional features that characterize Rajasthan.

Raas, Jodhpur :

Raas is located at the foot of the looming Meherangarh Fort, deep in the heart of the walled city. Each of the 39 rooms and suites have a balcony and all except 4 garden rooms (which we should not use) have views directly up to the Fort. A new-style jali (trellis wall) is layered in front of the bedroom and suite blocks, retractable on each room's balcony to allow an amazing view of the Fort, this may compromise privacy on some of the rooms though The rooms and suites are well designed and equipped; the bathrooms have a shower and bath - tub but the space is quite small. It is a contemporary boutique city hotel style that is rare in India - but with the usual inclusions such as a safe, flat screen TV, storage space, mini bar and good air-conditioning. The double-glazing keeps out the sound from the streets, though the 4am call from the nearby mosque could still wake a very light sleeper.

The swimming pool and main guest areas are at the heart of the property, boxed in on all 4 sides by walls and buildings that meld seamlessly into the walled city theme with a clear sense that the designer/architect had a very keen eye for both contemporary design, as well as preservation of the heritage aspect. There will be a spa in place by January, run by Serena Spas ().. The atmosphere at Raas in the evening, with the lights glowing and the Fort looming behind, is very special.

Bikaner House - Palace hotel Mount Abu:

The Palace Hotel (Bikaner House), Mount Abu is considered as a prominent member of the Heritage Hotels in Mount Abu. It was made in 1893 under the management of the Council of Regency. The blueprint of this splendid structure was chalked out by Sir Swinton Jacob, an eminent architect of his time. In the year 1962, Maharaja Karni Singhji made the choice to alter this majestic residence into a hotel. The Palace Hotel (Bikaner House), Mount Abu presents 1 single room other than 13 suits as well as 24 double rooms. Each of these rooms is aesthetically furnished with all kind of up to date facilities.

Shahpura Bagh ,Jaipur :

Home in southern Rajasthan are two family mansions set in a wooded 45 acre garden estate by the lake. Peace and greenery, welcoming villages, abundant birdlife (your hosts pioneered the Shahpura Wetlands Initiative) and countryside rambles are the most appetising fare for that special holiday adventure, enhanced by comfortable accommodations and home cooked meals. The refreshing monsoon and the clement winter are especially invigorating

Jaipur Palace Mount Abu ( Only for fits):

His Highness Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur built the Jaipur House at Mount Abu in 1897. He was given the choice of selecting the best site by the then ruler of Sirohi State. Jaipur House was built in serene Rajput architecture on the high cliff over looking the magnificent Nakki Lake and the plateau belowThe Present Maharaja of Jaipur, Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh , MVC and Her Highness Maharani Padmini Devi have converted this palace into a grand heritage Hotel complete with all the facilities of international standard.The Jaipur House hotel has 21 rooms depicting individually the Royal history. All the rooms are well furnished with modern bathrooms, television, international telephone and Internet facilities. According to the size and additional facilities the rooms are in three categories i.e Royal suite, for four suites, four juniours suites. The Jaipur House offers its guest the finest of Indian cuisine served the Royal way on its Terrace Restaurant, on the lush green garden sit- out and also in guest room itself.

Ramathra Fort:

Visiting Ramathra means the chance of a lifetime to stay in a classic Rajput fortress. Very few in number while there are plenty of palaces, the striking 17th century citadel that was the site of many battles is now a bastion of hospitality. Awaiting the visitor are spacious, airy tents and original suites, excellent food, and a variety of cultural and nature excursions in the surrounding hills and by the lake.

Udai Bilas , Dungapur:

The Place: Dungapur, 2 hours drive south of Udaipur in Rajasthan What's it like: A superbly quirky and occasionally kitch palace beside a lake in a very remote part of Rajasthan. Rooms have bags of character, the service is impressively old school, as is the tasty indian food. What we love: The birds and other wildlife on the lake, the magnificent frescos in the old palace nearby, the charming staff, the wonderful dinning room and the feeling that this is still a home and not a hotel.

Hotel Ram Pratap Udaipur

Rampratap Palace total 25 elegantly appointed guestrooms. All rooms with attached Bath, Spacious Lawns, Lake View from most of the rooms, Gift Shop further raises the level of comfort and luxury.We invite you to enjoy an evening full of Dance, Music and Delicious Food at the top terrace of Ram Pratap Palace - "The Taste of India." Allow the Folk Dancer to take you back in time and soothe your senses with meditative music and the beautiful view of clear star studded sky being reflected in the calm waters of the Fateh Sagar Lake. We offer all these services at very affordable rates.

Room Services Each room of our hotel is a perfect abode to relax and rejuvenate. The amenities offered by the hotel adds to the glory of the hotel. The amenities include: Cable TV, Car Parking, Doctor On Call, Laundry Facilities, Room Service (Round


KAILRUGJI, has 22 newly built, fully furnished double-bedded air-conditioned rooms with European style baths. All rooms are equipped with multi-channel color TV, work desk, closet and direct dialing facility.At Kailrugji the owners and staff want you to feel completely at home and provide a number of services aimed at making your stay here as pleasant as possible. Every evening the owners join the guests for dinner in the cafe LOCATION:Just off the main commercial street of Jaipur - MI Road - Kailrugji is located centrally in a quiet residential area.12 kms from the airport and 1/2 km from the bus and railway station. may need

Gajner Palace, Bikaner:

Hotel Gajner Palace is owned & managed by the HRH group of Hotels. The palace turned Grand Heritage hotel holds a world record of being largest (in terms of area) hotel in the world. The palace is situated on the banks of the Gajner Lake. It is built by red sand stone & is indeed a fine example of the great Rajasthani architecture. Spread over 6000 acres, the palace is a 30-minute drive from Bikaner. Gajner Palace was built on the banks of Gajner Lake by Sir Ganga Singhji, one of the greatest Maharajas of Bikaner, in the early decades of the twentieth century. Gajner Palace was used as a hunting resort by the former Maharajas and visiting British dignitaries during the days of the Raj. During the reign of Maharaja Ganga Singhji, this palace was used for grand shoots and lavish entertainment. Christmas season was often celebrated with prearranged duck and Imperial Sand Grouse shoots. Royalty, both, National and International, Viceroys and other dignitaries were invited on this grand occasion. The red sandstone palace is distinguished for its architectural grandeur and luxuriously appointed suites and rooms. The greenery at Gajner Palace, lawns and the chirping of birds and peacocks make it a truly memorable destination for leisure and corporate travellers.

The hotel has total 44 rooms including 13 historic suites & 31 deluxe rooms. All the rooms are well furnished & equipped with all modern amenities. Few rooms provides a garden view & few offers picturesque view the lake. historic Rooms - Original palace furniture and decor, and lake facing suites. separate dressing room and sitting cum dining arrangement, large bathroom. Deluxe Room - Original palace furniture and decor and lake facing room, large bathroom.

The room amenities includes Period furniture, private sitting areas; centrally air-conditioned, with international direct dial telephone, satellite television, mini-bar, tea/coffee making facilities. 

Jawahar Niwas Palace, Jaisalmer :

Within this ancient city, Maharawal Shalivahansinghji, 39th ruler of Jaisalmer initiated the building of a new palace in 1899. The resplendent elegance of Jawahar Niwas took final shape under successor. Maharawal Jawaharsinghji. The graceful, dusky gold sandstone palace typifies Rajput architecture, while the wealth of intricately carved jharokhas and chhatris are a tribute to the craftsmen of the region. As the royal guest house, the palace has hosted royalty and British viceroys. The first prime minister of India, as well as the first president have both stayed here. Today, under Maharawal Brijrajsinghji, 43rd head of the royal house of Jaisalmer, Jawahar Niwas opens its doors as an exclusive heritage hotel. Renovated with style and distinction, the palace offers every modern comfort and amenity. That is not to say that the past has been swept away. It makes its presence felt with quiet dignity, not only in the regal magnificence that surrounds you, but in graceful little details that creep up on you, reminiscing upon of glory past.

Mandir palace, Jaisalmer :

Jaisalmer, with its fairytale-like sandstone Fort rearing out of the desert outpost, is famous for its rich and elaborate 'havelis', erstwhile mansions of the wealthy merchants that conducted a brisk and very profitable trade while Jaisalmer was on the caravan route. WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace is one such haveli where the exquisite stone carvings make it second to none. The main portion of the two centuries old WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace was built during the reign of the late Maharawal Jawahir Singh. This Heritage Palace offers a unique combination of medieval charm with modern amenities.24 well-lit, airy, palatial, air-conditioned rooms and suites elegantly furnished with period furniture.

Pal Haveli, Jodhpur :

The Term haveli describes the traditional Indian mansion or Courtyard house, a large Family residence built around one or several Central Courtyard, with external walls rising directly against public streets. Pal Haveli, located centrally in front of the clock Tower on the main street in jodhpur, Rajasthan was built by Thakur of Pal in 1847. The house has been inhabited by the Nobel family for more than 150 years. Pal haveli has Fascinated western guests since 1887, when Edwin Lord Weeks Sketched the Pal's Thakur Residence for Harper's Magazines. Now Pal's Haveli welcome another generation of honored guests to Pal Haveli.

Pal Haveli is a living Heritage Project, a place in time and space in which traditional life style and hospitality meets modern amenities and an international perspective. The only "living" haveli hotel in Jodhpur the privatPal haveli is still occupied by the family of Thakur Bhawani Singh, who's Wife, Sons and Daughter ...Despite decidedly Contemporary educations...still live to a great extent the traditional Nobel lifestyle to their ancestors.

The main entrance from the street level leads guests to the largest courtyard decorated with ornate pillars, antique doorways , and frescos which are expended and refreshed to commemorate family milestones, the most recent being the wedding of daughter Purnima to a Nobel man from Jaipur. In Jenana, or family Quarters, the family still sleeps on Woven cots with silver legs, moving the low beds on to the terrace on evening when the weather permits, and rising with the gentle breezes at Sunrise. The Mardana, or Social Section, Contains the most ornate Rajput architecture, Including original stain-glass windows. Elaborately painted pillars, and displays of Rajputs Artifacts and weaponary. All efforts have been made to preserve the historical identity and integrity of the haveli despite its modernizing environs. The hotel at Pal haveli Combines old Charm with best of modern amenitiese apartments


Built in 1920, by Maharaj Ratan Singhji of Raoti, a royal from Jodhpur and one of the finest horsemen and polo players of his time, Ratan Vilas with its imposing yet delicately carved exterior and elegant interiors is a genuine heritage edifice in a sylvan The mansion, reminiscent of the romance of the bygone era, has been converted into a hotel by Maharaj Bharat Singh, the grandson and R.K. Brijraj Singh, the great grand son of Maharaj Ratan Singhji, with the exception that it still continues to be their residence as So, whether you are in the drawing room amongst fascinating old photographs and family portraits or unwinding in the casual surroundings of the courtyard; Whether you are savoring the traditional delicacies in the dining room or relaxing in the garden under the soothing shade of a seasoned Neem tree; At Ratan Vilas you will soon find yourself getting accustomed to a lively atmosphere and the legendary Rajput hospitality In a nutshell

Rawla Narlai, Jodhpur :

Rawla Narlai, situated in Rajasthan midway between Jodhpur & Udaipur, is a 17th century "villa" with 26 exquisite rooms renovated over the last decade.Rawla Narlai, now a heritage hotel, is located in the heart of a typical Rajasthan village bustling with activity and bursting with color. The Rawla (fortress) however is an oasis of serenity and offers a splendid view of a gigantic [350 ft high] single rock of granite dotted with caves and temples, crowned by a statue of a white elephant - proud guardian to the open desert on one side and the crumbling Aravali hills on the other . Wake up to the sounds of this 17-century village, and take in the spiritual energy from the invigorating air descending from the Shiva Temple, lodged deep in a primal cave high on the hill. After breakfast, we encourage you to feed the harmless monkeys, if they come down the hill, as a token offering of prayers to Lord Hanuman. The 26 rooms within this luxurious ambience have the most modern amenities - a blend of contemporary comfort with traditional elegance.

Khejarla Fort ( Near Jodhpur ) 

The fort Khejrala a beautiful example of Rajput architecture,overlooking the plains of Marwar, stands dignified reminding the glorious past structured by the Rajput chivalry. Fort Khejarla carved out of red sandstone with latticework friezes and intricate Jharokas is the residence of the former ruling family, which is now being clasified as heritage hotel in Udaipur to preserve and maintain the timeless architecture. The regality of the fort and the grandiose of its adobe is embellished further when the full moon kisses the rooftops or beams through the networks of windows. An Ever Remebering Stay.The Fort Khejarla Jodhpur is located at Khejarla Village, 80 km from Jodhpur city. Fort Khejarla in Jodhpur is now a quaint heritage hotel The 25 rooms at the hotel are classified into 22 deluxe rooms and 3 suites with 02 Restaurent and swimming pool

Chandelao Fort ( Near Jodhpur ) 

Chandelao is 40 kilometers from Jodhpur .there is a lot to see by way of rural Indian life.Located in a small village of Jodhpur, Chadelao Garh Heritage Hotel provides its guest with a world of comfort, magnificence and tradition. Homely and eco-friendly, the heritage hotel lies in the Chandelao village and is perfect for unwinding in the lap of nature. A medieval fortress, Chandelao Garh is a fortress built by the landlords of the area.They have 17 rooms all are non a/c rooms

Inn Season - Jodhpur ( FOR FITs ONLY )

The Residence has 6 Suites and 5 rooms each with distinctive character, furnished with antique furniture and memorabilia that create a nostalgic atmosphere. The Swimming Pool with its waterfall is always sparkling blue. It is also well located such as to provide the sunbather with uninterrupted sunshine through the day.The Location is the best residential area in town, quiet, clean and safe. Located 4 Kms from the airport and 3 Kms from the railway station. Should you face any problem getting to "Inn Season - P.W.D Road - Jodhpur",

Umaid Nagar Garh - (Near Jodhpur )

Umaidnagar Garh (Fort) 40 kms from Jodhpur and 20 kms short of Osian was built by Kavirajji The Prime minister of Marwar state in 1760 AD. Ironically by a law initiated by him, attached his property to the state of Marwar. Initially called Dhakai village, the village name was changed to Umaidnagar by my grand father, when his sister married H.H Maharaja Uamid Singhji of Jodhpur ( Marwar ).The Main mahfil hall and four rooms are now immaculately appointed-The property serves best as a private villa-with your personal cook, butler and room boy.Wine, cigars, fresh coffee, crystal, fine linen and music give all the 21st century comforts in an authentic 16th century ambience.A day safari (in a 1942 world war II vintage Jeep) taking in the lifestyle of various tribes, some culture and wildlife will take you to areas as yet untouched.

Bhadrajun Fort (Jodhpur- Mount Abu Road )

Bhadrajun Fort lies on the Jodhpur-Jalore highway. Bhadrajun Fort remains the family home of the present Raja, Raja Gopal Singh ji and guests receive personalised attention from the family and are treated like royal guests in the time honoured tradition of Desert Hospitality. Bhadrajun Fort combines modern amenities alongwith an traditional luxury and the splendor of the medieval period. Bhadrajun Fort is built in the classical Marwari architecture and this fort can be considered to be one of the prized forts of traditional Marwari architecture dating from the 16th century. Bhadrajun Fort has a variety of accommodation to offer ranging from Standard Rooms to Suites for every budget. All fifteen Rooms are set around tranquil courtyards in traditional Rajasthani style. Premier Room features traditional glass inlay work & Gold Paintings on ceiling. The same day laundry, 24 hour in-room dining and butler services ensure that every need is catered for.Activities include Desert and Village safari, Horse and Jeep safari, visit to the Subhadra Mata temple, Village rambling etc.

Rawla Bhaneswara - (Jodhpur- Mount Abu )

Bhenswara is a quaint little village situated in western Rajasthan at the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains, Amidst this rural village stands the Rawla (castle) Bhenswara. The rawla was built approximately 240 years ago by Thakur Jagat Singhji Rathore of Champavat, who received the jaghir (feudal land grant) for saving the life of Maharaja Man Singhji of Jodhpur at the Jalore Fort. Seven generations and many additions later, this regal manor is now a Heritage Hotel

they have 25 rooms with Swimming pool. ( NO NON VEG FOOD WILL BE SERVED ON MONDAY )VILLAGE SAFARISThe day begins with a drive in an open-top jeep to the remote tribal hamlets that are tucked away in various pockets of the region. As the sun begins to set, you move ahead to the hilly regions at the foothills of the rocky Aravallis to watch the sun go down, casting pink and orange hues on the grey granite rocks.

Harji Fort ( Jodhpur- Mount Abu Road ONLY for FITS )

Harji Fort was built by Thakur Tej Singh Champawat, three hundred years ago. The fort has undergone several changes since then and resembles Indo-European architecture. Harji is located between Ranak Hills on the right and Jawai river on the left.The lineage comes down to the present Thakur Parikshit Singh, who moved into the family home, Harji Fort lies in the heart of the village amidst lush green gardens. About 35 min drive from Falna (Rajasthan), it is surrounded by a number of tourist spots & temple/fort towns. 7 well equipped and furnished rooms with attached European bathrooms.

Korta Escape ( Jodhpur - Mount Abu Road for horse lovers )

The korta Escape was established in the year 2005 as an ideal retreat destination for those who like to get away from the daily stress of modern living Set amidst the peaceful aravali range of mountains and surrounded by serene farmlands and small villages, a stay here allow you to experience rural rajasthan in a very unique way. The Korta Escape Hotel is set in a convenient location and enhanced with modern amenities. All the guestrooms at the hotel have all the comforts expected in a hotel in its class to make guests feel at home. The hotel have 10 villa & blends expert service with state-of-the-art facilities to provide guests with a memorable stay.

Dev Vilas, Ranthambore:

Welcome to Dev Vilas, your abode during your visit to Ranthambhore National Park. The inspiration behind this venture is my mother Dev Kumari, to honor the strength and confidence instilled in me by her, the building is named Dev Vilas that means, "Abode of Dev".Set in three and a half acres of land, the building in Indo-Saracen style takes a cue from the Shikaar or hunting lodges built by the Maharajahs. It follows the traditional architectural lines, inspiring romance and adventure and is located nearest to the entrance of the National Park. Situated in a eco-sensitive zone, the hotel responsibly uses recycled water for non-consumable plantations on its property. The building has also been designed to harvest all rain water and re-charge ground water using traditional storage system. Dev Vilas is also one of India's first hotels designed to be friendly to the physically challenged.A regal abode in the realm of the Royal Bengal Tiger Dev Vilas with its individually decorated 19 Deluxe rooms (14 Double/ 5 Twins), 7 Tented Bungalows and 2 suites is the artistic Conception of Ms. Jane Emison of Minneapolis, USA. who has sourced materials and craftspeople locally, thus ensuring the participation and benefit of the local talent. No two rooms are alike, each designed in a unique sequence of color, style and ambience.

The Bagh, Bharatpur:

The Bagh is a heritage hotel set in 12 acres two hundred year-old garden in Bharatpur Rajasthan, it is located just four hours away from major destinations such as Delhi, Jaipur and Gwalior. The Bagh offers visitors an opportunity to experience quiet luxury near Keoladeo Ghana National Park, one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in the world. The hotel's twenty three rooms are located in three different residential complexes. A restaurant, banquet hall, coffee shop, library and a gym, all situated in a verdant orchard, allow guests to enjoy solitude and companionship in restful indoor and outdoor spaces. Each of the Bagh's twenty three rooms is unique. Spacious bathrooms, luxurious fabrics, fine furnishings and the amenities of modern technology let the weary traveler retreat and recoup after a day of sightseeing and bird watching. Gulmohar, the main restaurant, specializes in the wonderful vegetarian cuisine of the Braj region. An ayurvedic massage or a lazy swim at the fully - equipped gym can further soothe and exhilarate the body and the mind. With over fifty species of flora, including fruiting trees and flowering plants which attract birds, small animals and insects, guests can enjoy quiet walks in the garden and commune with nature. The handsome buildings made in local stones are designed to merge with their natural surroundings. Works by contemporary Indian women artists are displayed throughout the complex. A stroll through the Bagh's garden and buildings leads a visitor through the realms of nature and art. Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur hosts over three hundred fifty avian species and fifty different mammals. After bird watching in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, a quiet afternoon of studying natural history and ornithology awaits in the Bagh's extensive library. Lectures and slide shows by eminent naturalists increase the pleasure of learning. Experienced guides escort the guests on day excursions to nearby World Heritage and pilgrimage Sights. Visitors can also enjoy the festivals and performances that are celebrated with great delight in the Bagh.


Once the private hunting preserve of local nobility, Nimaj is now home to Chhatrasagar, an idyllic tented camp set on a low dam overlooking a reservoir. Chhatrasagar's owner hosts guide you into the heart of rural India, with jeep safaris and walks, bird watching and heart warming home cooking.


Camp is a beautiful semi-circle setup of deluxe tents in the dunes of the Great Thar Desert. Staying the tents is really relaxing & soothing experience. The hotel is also very keen for the entertainment of the visitors, you can enjoy the traditional folk music & dance live at Manvar Desert ResortThe camp has a beautifully appointed dinning tent serving multi-cuisine dishes & provides a beautiful view of the sunset. The other facilities offered are 24 hour room service, travel desk, swimming pool, village safari, jeep safari, camel safari, cultural shows etc The Camp has 20 well appointed deluxe tents with attached hot-cold water bathrooms.

Ajit Bhawan Palace Resort :

The Ajit Bhawan Palace is the residence of the family of the Late General Maharaj Ajit Singh, younger brother of the late ruler, Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur. Built at the turn of the last century, this stately home served as a residence that attracted Princes and Statesmen, Artists and Hunters, an electric mix of the interesting & the mundane - all drawn its true essence of Rajput hospitality

Tree of Life:

In 64 acres of grounds, the boutique Tree of Life Hotel, Kandy is next to the Lord Buddha Statue, 15 minutes drive from Kandy. It is a perfect location for those wishing to escape the stresses of life with its mountain top pool and rolling lawns. Rooms are cosy and practical with private balconies overlooking a green courtyard.

Samode Haveli ,Jaipur :

Sometimes evoking comparisons with the riads of Morocco but quite in their own unusual and distinctive league, havelis are the residence of old nobility. Samode Haveli, over 150 years old, was home to a former prime minister of the Jaipur court. Now restored, although with most of the original features intact in public spaces and some rooms, it is a magnet for travellers. Its location within the old city, access to Jaipur's bazaars is simple and the haveli a relaxing haven to return to at the end of the day


This small Palace hotel, set amidst 15 acres of lush green lawns, was built over 250 years ago by Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur for his favourite Queen - Maharani Chandra Kunwar Ranawatji. Raj Mahal Palace has hosted celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II and Jacqueline Kennedy. Restaurant: The Restaurant of Hotel Raj Mahal Palace serves Indian, Continental and recipes of Rajasthan.


Acknowledged as The world's best heritage hotel the "Raj Palace is a Grand heritage hotel and the member of Small Luxury Hotels of the world. We were voted as the World's Leading heritage hotel" by The World Travel awards consecutively for three years 2007 - 2010. Among the India Hotels and Jaipur hotels The Raj Palace is recognized for its unique product as it is one of the only Places lived by the Maharajah that has been restored to its original glory and charm, We are situated at Rajasthan in India in the pink city of Jaipur, a city known for many historical places like the Hawa Mahal, the Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, the Amber Fort, the Rambagh Palace, the Jai Mahal, the Albert Hall Museum, as well as many other forts, palaces, castles, and haveli's with very rich heritage and architecture.

Fateh Bagh, Ranakpur :

90 km from Udaipur and two centuries back in time stands the proud Fateh Bagh. The arresting architecture, period furniture and ethnic décor recall a gentler, more romantic time. Each room seems to have staged a story now lost in the wraps of time.

The imposing square shaped, beige walls and majestic arches, intricately carved pillars and pavilions, beautiful domes and the wonderful fountain in the foreground are all far removed from the 'functional minimalism' that is worshipped as design today. The palace and its hospitality are recreated history. There is much to occupy you with in the present: a swim at the pool, a walk into the orchards, a visit to the famous Jain and Surya temples, exploring Ranakpur, a town outwardly stranded in medieval times. Fateh Bagh is probably India's first attempt at 'relocating a fallen palace', faithfully preserving the rich Rajput architecture. Rawla Koshilav that flourished as a palace on the foothills of Aravallis near Jodhpur in 1802 became a neglected piece of heritage in the 20th century. In 2002, around 65,000 pieces of the crumbling palace were transported to a scenic spot in Ranakpur, amidst the orchards and on the banks of a rain fed river, to create Fateh Bagh! Accommodation Total Rooms: 18 Suites: 0

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