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The enchanting destinations of Rajasthan offers ALL for every guest, the clear example of it is, one would never associated this heritage and cultural land with any sport facility, but the fact is it offers a wide range of sports like golf, and the much sorted after game of polo in various forms like horse polo and elephant polo.

The desert is an unlikely place to have golf courses, and of course the lack of water makes it difficult to green even the smallest of gardens, an 18-hole course being a virtual impossibility.

The aristocracy, however, remained enamored of the gentlemen's game that was so popular in British India.

That 9-hole course is still the only one in Jaipur and, in fact, in Rajasthan, and though it is not a professional course, it is good for a round of golf in what are picturesque surroundings: a palace next door, and peacocks on the hazards.

A golf course in Bikaner is unconventional in that the course exists exactly in the nature of the desert terrain, and even the 'greens' have been replaced here by 'browns' which, if nothing else, are at least unconventional.

Elephants have been a part of Indian culture since times immemorial; they have been representatives of strength and power of Kings and Emperors. In olden days no religious ceremony, celebrations, weddings etc. would be complete without a row of gaily decorated well caparisoned elephants, it was therefore natural that POLO - the king of sports was incorporated to be played on elephants as well.

Jaipur had had a long and colourful association with elephants and it is one of the only places in the world where you can witness and participate in this exclusive sport throughout the year. Watching / Participating in it is a unique and unforgetful experience. It is probably the safest outdoor sport.The colossal size of the elephant evokes awe, yet its docile nature and doleful eyes, its graceful movements have always fascinated man. Its majestic presence has been associated with regal splendour and Elephants have always remained a important paraphernalia of the kings. Though the elephants lack the speed and agility of horses it is great fun to watch these enormous pachyderms moving around the field after the ball at great speed, of course in Elephantine standard.

There is one player on one elephant, which is ridden by the Mahout. The game is played over four chukkers of seven minutes each. Players change after every chukker in order to ensure that maximum guests get an opportunity to participate and enjoy the experience

Event Details :
a) Welcome with two ceremonially attired well caparisoned elephants, four lancers in traditional cavalry attire, Military Pipers band.
b) Pipers Band Display
c) Elephant Polo Demonstration
d) Elephant Polo with guest participation
e) Elephant Tug of war
f) Branded event cards for all guests (with Group logo)
g) Surprise for all elephant polo participants
h) Live Commentary in English
i) Venue Décor with various Polo props to get the

Jaipur is a place known world over as the home of polo. Jaipur is an exclusive polo destination of the world. We invite people to come and learn and discover polo in Jaipur and to help improve the horsemanship, polo riding, swing, and tactics in Jaipur. We have some of finest stud farms with more than 100- 150 home bred horses. We will provide riding under expert supervision followed by informal lessons in various aspects of the sport . Practice on wooden horse and chukkers will be given. All the courses will be under very good expert supervisor. The best time is from October to March. Exhibition Polo matches and friendly polo match between a local team and the guests can also be organized.

The Jaipur Royals were a formidable polo playing family, and the last maharaja of the state literally died with his spurs on, on a polo field. With the glamour of the game, they drew international publicity for India, and the sport has remained one of the most prominent in the elite social circuit. Along with Jaipur, there are also formidable polo teams in Jodhpur and Udaipur, while the 61st Cavalry, also based in Jaipur, has kept it alive in the army.

It is not possible to simply arrive and start playing polo, since the sport needs especially bred horses in large numbers. These are largely maintained by the players themselves, or with the help of their sponsors. You will therefore have to seek out an invitation to play, something you are best advised to do in advance. However, it is possible to send in a special request while planning your trip to Rajasthan, especially if you are a group with polo-playing members. This is important because, in season, when the game is played (September-March), the polo teams are often out (in Delhi, Calcutta or Mumbai) on the circuit, or may even be playing overseas. Of course, there is also the chance of having visiting teams in Rajasthan coinciding with the time of your visit. Even if you do not get the chance to play, there is every chance of being able to watch the sport as an observer - which is almost as good as playing. There is something extremely satisfying about watching men on their horses as they pursue the ball with their sticks with skill and adroitness.

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