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Cookery Classes

Mehndi or Henna, applied on the hands or feet of females, is quite popular in India. Out of the various types of mehndi available in India, the mehndi of Rajasthan is one of the most popular. Mehndi is prepared by grinding the dry henna leaves into a very fine powder and then making a paste with water. This paste is then applied on the hands and feet of females in the form of beautiful designs, with the help of matchsticks or cones. After the mehndi gets dry, it is removed revealing the beautiful designs on the skin in red color. The Rajasthani Mehendi is considered to be one of the best because it leaves the darkest color of red on hands and feet.

For this reason only, the henna of Rajasthan, India is very much in demand for the bridal mehndi also. In Rajasthan, Mehendi is put up on almost each and every occasion, in a different design, as it is considered very auspicious. One of the most popular designs in Rajasthan is the one called chowk. Literally meaning a courtyard, it is put up in various forms, each form being suitable for a different occasion. One design is applied at the time of the Gangaur fair, another at the time of Teej, yet another for Holi and so on. Other popular designs are chopper (game of dice, symbolic of marital love), lahriya (waves), pankhi or beejani (meaning fan), etc.

Rajasthan Routes Trails can organize for such Heena Mehndi sessions for your esteemed guests.

Kindly note that the Rajasthan High Court on Monday directed the state government to restore the light and sound show as well as the audio guide system for the tourist at Amer Fort. On August 18, the court had banned all commercial activities at the Fort in pursuance of which the state authorities directed these activities to be stopped immediately.

Kindly note that the Light and sound show start will start from Monday 28 Sept 2009 onwards ( After Navratara ) and timing will be as follows:
English Show 1930 Hrs to 2030 Hrs. Charges Rs.220/- Per Person
Hindi Show 2030 Hrs to 2130 Hrs. Charges Rs.110/- Per Person

Its is about typical home-style Indian cooking where you can choose to Participate in the cooking or merely watch and learn. You have chance to visit local market and buy your choice of food and get it cook by yourself. Taste of Jaipur Cooking tour will take Gastronomy Classes with local Noble family house and their Chef. Full day engaged in Cooking activities will take you on a unforgettable occurrence Which will not only enable you to take back the memories and pictures of your tour destinations but you can also take back the various cuisine recipe of this land of spices. An introduction to the wonders and masteries of Rajasthani food ; combination of ingredients such of spices , pluses, Grains and oils and age-old wisdom and secretes aroma and flavors. You will get to know food habits of locals and adoption of varied tastes of desert food will only possible through this day experience.

Tour Highlights
-The history and origins of Indian food
- Visit to local spice & vegetable markets to purchase necessary cooking ingredients
- Various ingredients & spices used in Indian cooking
- Different varieties of Indian cooking
- Actual food preparation and having your meal

9.30 AM : After breakfast assemble in Hotel Hall and make the list of purchase for tonight cooking delights.
(A) Choices of vegetable
(B) Choices of non vegetable
(C) Helping ingredients Onion , Ginger , Garlic etc.
(D) Fruits & Cookies
(F) Other Choices

10.00 AM : Leave for the fleet market of vegetables in downtown area of Chotti Chaupar . Stroll around the market and buy vegetables and other spices prior listed and some last minutes choices on spot. After the purchase we will load the stuff in our vehicle, we continue to walk through street where we experience open air food stalls selling sweets , snacks i.e. Jalebi , Samosas, Burfi , Kachoris, Lassi, Sharabat etc. and local fast food retailers. It would be insight to watch the preparation on road and as well people are buying and eating at the same time.

1.30 PM : Excellent cooking demonstrations are offered by the family of Diggi Palace Jyotika Kumari Ji and Kaushal Kumari Ji a member of Royal Family whose home is Diggi Palace.They using recipes of the region Guests will be introduced to the wounders of Indian food, they will learn how to combine ingredients such as spices,Pulses, Grains and oils as well as prepare speciality dishes of Indian / continental cusine like Prepration of Red Meat ,Curries and Khadi ,Veg dish ,Royal prepration of roasted goat,Vegetable.curries and rice and these also include the mysteries of Indian Roti, Paratha etc.

Exploring & gateway of Local life - enjoy a soul-touching experience. Stay with the families for 03-4 Hrs as the family Guest, to know the daily life routines of locals, & all activities as they do.

The house is belongs to a Nobel Rajput thakur Family .Rajput used to be the head of the village & all the settlement are usually done by the Rajputs, the warrior race whose kings ruled, till recently, over these lands. The Rajputs served their kings, joining their armies, and raising their cavalries, but an attendant pursuit was as agriculturists. Often, they employed labour to work on their extensive fields, and kept cattle for dairy produce.

Guests will taken to a local noble family's house and upon on arrival they will be greeted by the chief of house with warmth and affection and will be given a traditional welcome. an experience to interact with Family members to share and under stand their customs and cultural. They get to experience and understand a way of life that takes them closer to their roots. Showcasing the best of the land, it is a complete cultural experience, From the warm, and hospitable people, to the various customs and ceremonies

Guests will be introduced to the wounders of Rajasthani food, they will learn how to combine ingredients such as spices,Pulses, Grains and oils as well as prepare speciality dishes of local Rajasthani cusine like Prepration of lal maans , Gatta with kari and Khadi ,Making of Soyatha with veg and non veg with Bajara ( Milet ) Kair and Sangari veg dish ,Royal prepration of roasted goat and Dal bati and churma etc and these also include the mysteries of Indian roti, Paratha, french chatnis, raita, dhal, rice and Vegetable. curries and rice. They will enjoy the variety of dishes have prepared for them.

1.Study and learning of Social and family values
2.Accepting off-way life style
3.Participation with Cooking Style

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