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Rajasthan map Trails

Pleasure Ride

Rajasthan Routes Trails organizes for such Rickshaw rides through the small narrow ways of the old Jaipur.

In olden times the royals used to go on Royal Baggi driven by four white horses for the entertainment or to the lakes during summers. We have continued the same tradition where we can arrange for Royal Baggi to our guest on request.

Royal baggi is a decorated chariot and the ride really makes one feel like a king or queen.

Tangas are a popular mode of transportation because they are fun to ride in, and are usually cheaper to hire than a taxi or rickshaw. However, in many cities, tangas are not allowed to use highways because of their slow pace.

On your rajasthan tour, you just cannot afford to miss out on a Tonga ride in Bikaner. It is, in fact, the most feasible and reasonable mode of transport and a veritable source of fun.

Vivacious, amusing young men, who are more than willing to help tourists, these Tonga wallahs will do their best in making you feel at ease. The horses of the Tonga are equally colorful and active. The charges of a ride on Tonga are quite minimal and reasonable

We at Rajasthan Routes Trails help you with guides and tour escorts. We have senior guides and escorts on our panel who have thorough knowledge of Rajasthan and its culture, they can enlighten you with facts and data that are rarely found in the history books.

A heritage monument is as good as its described by the guide, hence its very important to have a qualified guide who can enrich your experience by providing beautiful insights about the place of visit.

Guide services are available in all popular languages spoken in the world.

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