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Pushkar Mela

Pushkar is the sacred town situated 530 metres above sea level in the enchanting valley of the Arravali hills. It is about 11 kilometers northwest of Ajmer-in Rajasthan. Many temples are at Pushkar but the only one temple dedicated to Lord Brahma is situated at the bank of the holy lake of Pushkar. The lake is about ten meters deep and gets its water supply from the rains. It is surrounded by mountains on the three sides of the lake. ( BUT THIS YEAR NO WATER IN LAKE MAY BE FULL IN THIS YEAR MANSOON PERIODS ). The main purpose of visiting Pushkar is to have holy dip in the holy lake,an 'Aarti' (holy lamp which is rotated three times in front of Gods) is performed at the Pushkar Lake by the priests. A number of diyas (oil clay lamps) are seen floating in the evenings over the surface of the Pushkar lake. It is a sight worth seeing.

A fair of great importance is held here at Pushkar annually in the month of 'Kartika' (November). A cattle fair is also held at the same time as the 'Pushkar Mela' (fair).The fair is held from 'Kartika Shukla Ekadashi' to 'Kartika Purnima' (full moonlight).( From 17 Nov 2010 to 21 Nov 2010 On 'Kartik Purnima' day,) On 'Kartik Purnima' day the waters become very holy and a dip of considered of prime importance. People and pilgrims gather at 3 a.m. on the flight of steps of the lake. A lot of 'Pandas' (Brahmin priests) are already standing knee deep in water, in order to help the pilgrims chart the sanskrit 'mantras' (prayers). Offerings are made by the pilgrims of coconut, flowers, sandalwood, incense and money. The offerings are made into the lake and money is received by the 'Pandas'. Tiny oil lamps called 'Deepak' or Diyas' are lit and floatd on a dry leaf over the surface of the Pushkar lake. After the performance at the lake, the pilgrims go to the temple of 'Lord Brahma' to pay homage

The cattle fair has its own charm. The local Municipality orginses the cattle fair. Many breeds of cattle assemble at the fair an brisk trade takes place. A lot of entertainment is also provided. The cattle fair goes on for about 8 days (from 14 Nov 2010 to 21 Nov 2010).The cattle are gaily decorate. The village folk are also gairly attired in their colourful attire with loads of silver and bead jewelry. Cultural shows, cinemas, exhibitions, etc. are organized. A large troupe bards and minstrels come to sing the old fold lore tales of valour and chivaltry of the past great heroes of Rajasthan. 

Some of them are called the 'Padh' Singers, where they hang a red cloth with the story hand painted on the 'Padh' cloth. It goes all night. Usually men and women sing the 'Padh' story together. Kabeliyas (the snake charmer tribe) are also found wandering at the fair.A lot of shops spring up like mushrooms and sell their wares to the thousands of people. It is one of the biggest 'melas' (fairs) of Rajasthan. It is also a tourist attraction go to Pushkar to the fair. A lot of artists take inspiration and sketch the cattle fair. A temporary market sprouts up and it is an atmosphere of gaiety and fun. Camel saddles, cattle ropes of different colours, embroidered covers, glass beads, bangles, brassware, ivory bangles, embroidered patchwork cushions etc. are all on sale.

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