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Upcoming Events

Abhaneri Festival - Dausa, Rajasthan

Abhaneri is a village in Dausa district of Rajasthan. The post-Gupta and medieval period historical monuments are the reason this nondescript village is world famous now. Declared a World Heritage site, the step-well at this village known as Chand Baori is showcased in this unique Abhaneri Festival. Tourists flock the place from all over. It is a cultural fair with all the elements of a village fair, like folk dances, music, joy rides, shopping extravaganza and local flavours at the various food stalls. The main attractions are the magnificently lit step well, Harshat Mata Temple and village safaris.

When : 30th September 2019 to 01st October 2019

Where : Abhaneri, District Dausa, Rajasthan

How to reach : Just two hours thirty minutes drive from Jaipur


Rajasthan International Folk Festival - Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The Blue City comes alive with an amalgamation of music from across the globe. National, international and traditional artists gather here to perform in this festival that is in its 11th season and has gained much repute over the years. A festival of song and dance with performances from Sufi Musicians of Kashmir, Kathak dancers, Circus troupes, Musical Theatre Group of Mewar, DJs from Los Angeles, grammy winning flautists, song writers from Portugal and Iran - its a dream collection of artists and should not be missed. Stages are set in many locations including The Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada and Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park.

When : 10th October 2019 to 14th October 2019

Time : Around the clock, check timings for your preferred show

Where : Jodhpur, Rajasthan

How to reach : Trains from major cities, Jodhpur Airport

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Dushehra Mela - Kota, Rajasthan

The Kota Dushehra Mela is one of the most vibrant Fairs held in Kota, the Education Hub of Rajasthan. This one comes only second to the grand Dushehra Fair at Mysuru. A riot of colour and light and dance and merriment, this is a must visit Fair. The vast expanse of Dushehra Mela grounds are converted into a huge arena where many performances are held and shops are set up. The food court boasts of many traditional delicacies which people throng the mela for every year. From the onset of Navratris, the mela is set up with Ramleela performances every evening till the Dushehra Day. A tall effigy of Ravan measuring upto 75 feet is erected for the grand celebrations. Take a day off from your busy schedule and be a part of this festival to experience grandeur like nowhere else!

When : 08th October 2019 to 25th October 2019

Time : Evenings for cultural show and food court. All day long for shopping.

Where : Kota, Rajasthan

How to reach : Trains from major cities, Jaipur Airport

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Marwar Festival - Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The most popular festival in Jodhpur is the Marwar Festival. The two-day festival is held every year in the month of Ashwin (between September and October) in memory of the heroes of Rajasthan. It was originally known as the Maand Festival. The main attraction of this festival is the folk music centering around the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan's rulers. The music and dance of the Marwar region is the main theme of this festival. The folk dancers and singers assemble at the festival and provide lively entertainment. These folk artists give you a peek into the days of yore, of battles and of heroes who live on through their songs. Among other attractions at the festival is the Camel Tattoo Show and various competitions like Moustache, Turban Tying, Tug of War, Matka Race, Traditional Dress Competition and many more. The venues of this festival include the famous Clock Tower & Osian’s sand dunes.

When : 12th October 2019 to 13th October 2019

Time : Around the clock, check timings for your preferred show

Where : Jodhpur, Rajasthan

How to reach : Trains from major cities, Jodhpur Airport


Rajasthan Kabir Yatra - Bikaner, Rajasthan

The Rajasthan Kabir Yatra is a travelling music festival which will journey over Rajasthan, creating a space where musicians, artists, scholars, students and seekers can immerse themselves in the voices of Bhakti and Sufi saint-poets such as Kabir, Mira, Bulleh Shah, questioning and dissolving boundaries of caste, class, religion and identity.

When : 02nd October 2019 to 08th October 2019

Time : All night event on the lines of Jaagran / Satsang

Where : Bikaner, Rajasthan

How to reach : Trains from major cities, Air connectivity from Jaipur and New Delhi

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