Cookery classes : Relish, savour, learn, cook the Royal way

Cookery classes : Relish, savour, learn, cook the Royal way

Exclusive Culinary Experience – Cooking Tour of Jaipur : Your hands-on interaction during the cooking class with a qualified instructor will be the main highlight of your experience covering the following: –

  • The history and origins of Indian food.
  • Visit to local spice & vegetable markets to purchase necessary cooking ingredients
  • Various ingredients & spices used in Indian cooking
  • Different varieties of Indian cooking
  • Actual food preparation and having your meal

Taste of Jaipur Cooking Tour will take gastronomy classes with local noble family house family cook. Full day cooking tour will take you on an unforgettable tour which will not only enable you to take back the memories and pictures of your tour destinations but you can also take back the various cuisine recipe of this land of spices

Tour Details :In this tour, we will take you to a Rajasthani home for a demonstration and tasting of traditional home-style Indian cooking. A full meal will be demonstrated to you. You can choose to participate in the cooking, or merely watch and learn. Before visiting the home, you will take a walk through a local bazaar with our Food Guide, to learn about the ingredients and essentials of Rajasthani cooking. If you’re interested in popular street food, we can also take a look at the snacks and delicacies that Jaipur loves to eat! – Duration: 5-6 hours, usually starts at 11 a.m.

These classes are targeted at typical Indian home-style cooking where you can choose to participate in the cooking or merely watch and learn. You get a chance to visit local market and buy your choice of food and prepare it yourself under the guidance of an expert chef. One of the most enriching activities, cooking classes have become very popular among tourists. You not only take back wonderful memories, experience and pictures of the classes but also learn the recipes and cooking methods of the exotic Rajasthani delicacies. Your day will be totally engaged in :

  • A theoretical introduction to the various dishes.
  • Menu planning
  • Procurement of raw material – visit to the market
  • Preparing to cook – wash, clean, chop, knead
  • Introduction to the Indian spices
  • Preparing the meal of your choice
  • Relishing what you prepared
  • Masala Tea after a little rest

Enjoy the indigenous cuisines of Jaipur beyond the description. The Jaipur food tour will present you Jaipur beauty as well as traditional feels of the